Can Strong do whatever they want?

26 Oct

This post is to support WikiLeaks. Don’t know what crime they did, strong countries are against it. Many countries took an audience role and of-course they are also feared of the facts it published/going to publish. Their silence is nothing but supporting “Strong can do whatever they want”.

Pointedly speaking only leaders of different countries are afraid of WikiLeaks, not the people. And the bad luck is majority of the people around the globe are not bothered about this act. Publishing facts is the duty (Dharma) of a journalist WikiLeaks team is doing the same……..People should realize that those facts do good to them, and need to support WikiLeaks.

Other way of looking this episode is – The duty of a business man is to provide products/services. He(business Organization) should not consider the race, color, ethnicity or any other difference in their customers and No Organization has a right to reject service by judging their customer’s personal interests/professions as good or bad.

The bottom line is – WikiLeaks is doing its duties despite of the hardships they are facing and you are escaping from doing your duty assuming some hardships will come into your way from the “Strong People”………People should boycott your services not the WikiLeaks’s.

No doubt this blockade is politically motivated. The financial institutions that took part in this act should feel ashamed.

And this act proves that – Democracy dies if Politicians and Capitalists join hands.

Politicians + Capitalists =  Dictatorship


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Posted by on October 26, 2011 in General, Media, People, Politics


One response to “Can Strong do whatever they want?

  1. Manoj

    November 10, 2011 at 4:08 am

    Well The time has come to reveal the Secrets behind all these Big coroprations,
    But one most important thing is, they were the major Financial centres of the World..

    The World has already forgotten that , A country’s actual wealth is based on the country;s Gold reserves,,,, but all of the Wealth is dependent on the Credit history of a Nation…


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