Actions & Results!

16 May

Change your Actions, and Change your Results!

Keep a log of all the actions you do in a week, you will find some repetitive tasks which are not necessary, remove them. Categorize remaining actions into operations or day to day(D2D), personal, & purpose (your life’s purpose). Delegate what you can immediately. From the remaining do an 80/20 – take the top twenty and delegate the 80 or find a way to automate or question if they really are required. Repeat this until you do the things that are very important, strategic, and productive. Let others do the preparation, and you do the real work.

Set a specific time for D2D, Personal works and dedicate rest of the time to The One Thing – Your life’s purpose. Don’t let D2D, Personal works take more time than you allocated. Whatever that is done in that time is what you can do for that day, they have to wait for next day, PERIOD!

Note: In all the tasks you list some tasks are not matured enough to be delegated. It doesn’t mean ‘YOU’ should complete those tasks (working on it until completion) you can work on making it delegable and delegate it.

Last but not least – Always try your own ways in task management……

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