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Between Two People – Professional VS Personal!

Between two people, Professional conflict should not become a personal conflict, and vice versa.

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Hatred, Anger, & Love

Hatred makes you a Devil,

Anger makes you an Animal, and

Love makes you a God!

Decide which-one you want to leave and which-one you want to develop.

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Being Yourself!

You better die in the process of being yourself, than living forever as someone else!

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There is No Manual for Leadership!

We can write manuals for any role, technicians, managers, auditors, lawyers, chefs, engineers, doctors, but……but….we can never write a manual for Leadership roles. We can never document what to do, when you reached a point where the Leader in you should act.

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Dealing with People – Quote

Dealing with machines is one thing, but Dealing with people, that’s something else.

While working with my employees in my restaurant, I feel this point often.

Inspired from Star Wars – Episode.IV

Good against remotes is one thing,
Good against living, that’s something else.
— Han Solo @ 01:02:24


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How to win customers?

To win Customers, Focus on their issues and concerns, not yours.

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Brave & Coward!!

A Brave man dies only once.

But a Coward dies every moment.


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