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Faith & Doubt!

A man with Faith succeeds, and A man with Doubt ruins.

From The Bhagavad Gita:
“The man who is ignorant and without faith and always doubting goes to ruin. Not this world nor the world beyond nor happiness is for the doubting soul.”      : 4.40

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Knowledge & Action!

Knowledge without an Action is a Medicine in a box, not in stomach! If you put it into your stomach it cures, similarly if you put your knowledge into action it gives fruits.

So, act on your knowledge, don’t just accumulate it. With out action it can only serve your pride.

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Ten PhDs…..

One basic course in Humanity is 1000 times better than 10 PhDs in Economics…..

— This is what I feel when I think about our Prime Minister(Year 2012).

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School or Book, & World!!

No School or Book teaches tomorrow’s Great things…….but you can master them from outside World.

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