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Things You Can/Can’t Control!

There are two things in the world, Things we can control & Things we can’t control!

Never take things we can control easily, and

Never take things we can’t control seriously.

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Death Or Fear!

Death gives us a new life, but

Fear takes-away the life given to us.

Strictly speaking, fear takes away any number of lives given to us. No matter how many new lives are given to you, as long as Fear exists, it will takeaway your life.

Chose wisely!


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Hatred, Anger, & Love

Hatred makes you a Devil,

Anger makes you an Animal, and

Love makes you a God!

Decide which-one you want to leave and which-one you want to develop.

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Being Yourself!

You better die in the process of being yourself, than living forever as someone else!

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Brave & Coward!!

A Brave man dies only once.

But a Coward dies every moment.


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Believe & Become!

Believe & Become!

If you believe in something, you will sure become that.

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Wanna improve or not?

A person who wants to improve sees 100 ways.

But a person who doesn’t have a will to improve sees no way. And this attitude leads to failure.

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