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Ignorance and Negativity of human beings has no exceptions – One more Example!

Daniel Shechtman – A Nobel laureate’s discovery in 1982 initially faced strong objections from the scientific community and he got kicked out of his research group!

But “His battle eventually forced scientists to reconsider their conception of the very nature of matter,” the academy said.

For months he tried to persuade his colleagues of his find, but they refused to accept it. Finally he was asked to leave his research group.

Prof. Shechtman returned to Israel, where he found one colleague prepared to work with him on an article describing the phenomenon. The article was at first rejected, but finally published in November 1984 to uproar in the scientific world. Double Nobel winner Linus Pauling was among those who never accepted the findings.

“He would stand on those platforms and declare, ‘Danny Shechtman is talking nonsense. There is no such thing as quasicrystals, only quasi-scientists,” Prof. Shechtman said.

Note: Even highly educated people like Linus Pauling, Shechtman’s colleagues and scientific community are misguided by human Ignorance and Negativity!

My bottom line is – If some one believes in something try to encourage him at least don’t try to oppose him – ridiculing others belief is not our business and he has every right to express/propagate what he think is right!

Its worth mentioning a saying: At first they ridicule you, later they oppose you, and finally they accept you!

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