Feelings, Arguments, Relations!

You may discuss on Opinions, you may debate on Technicalities, but Feelings can not be argued, they should be felt.

Always be mindful of others feelings. Arguing on others feelings breaks the Relation. Be empathetic!

When I think about understanding others feelings, I remember of Lincoln & Lord Ram!

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Amount of Good & Bad in you.

If you have more good in you it is difficult to induce bad into you.

If you have more bad in you it is difficult to induce good into you.

If you have more good in you it is easy to induce good into you.

If you have more bad in you it is easy to induce bad into you.

In other words, good attracts good, and bad attracts bad.

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Actions & Results!

Change your Actions, and Change your Results!

Keep a log of all the actions you do in a week, you will find some repetitive tasks which are not necessary, remove them. Categorize remaining actions into operations or day to day(D2D), personal, & purpose (your life’s purpose). Delegate what you can immediately. From the remaining do an 80/20 – take the top twenty and delegate the 80 or find a way to automate or question if they really are required. Repeat this until you do the things that are very important, strategic, and productive. Let others do the preparation, and you do the real work.

Set a specific time for D2D, Personal works and dedicate rest of the time to The One Thing – Your life’s purpose. Don’t let D2D, Personal works take more time than you allocated. Whatever that is done in that time is what you can do for that day, they have to wait for next day, PERIOD!

Note: In all the tasks you list some tasks are not matured enough to be delegated. It doesn’t mean ‘YOU’ should complete those tasks (working on it until completion) you can work on making it delegable and delegate it.

Last but not least – Always try your own ways in task management……

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Ego, what will it do?

Ego defeats the Purpose. Once your purpose is lost, all your energies put on it are lost…..Ego is the most dangerous aspect in the human realm.

Whatever you do, if your work gets infected with Ego all your efforts till that point go wasted.

Never ever get into the state of Ego, as soon as you realize you are entering into it, just take a break and come out of the situation that caused it. Most important thing is you will have very few seconds between your realization of ego and line of control.

Have Let it go or take it easy! kind of attitude while dealing with Ego. Beware of Ego…..

Its ok if you don’t get what you expect.

Its ok if you are insulted.

Its ok if your work is ridiculed. Etc. Etc. Etc……

‘I’ is the root cause for Ego. Whatever may happen never give in to Ego. Stick to your duty (purpose) not to ‘I’.

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Fast or Slow?

This passage is my take away from an inspiring article written by a neurosurgeon who died @ 37. In this article he explains about doing an operation, which applies in many parts of our life.

There are two strategies to cutting the time short, like the tortoise and the hare. The hare moves as fast as possible, hands a blur, instruments clattering, falling to the floor; the skin slips open like a curtain, the skull flap is on the tray before the bone dust settles. But the opening might need to be expanded a centimetre here or there because it’s not optimally placed. The tortoise proceeds deliberately, with no wasted movements, measuring twice, cutting once. No step of the operation needs revisiting; everything proceeds in orderly fashion. If the hare makes too many minor missteps and has to keep adjusting, the tortoise wins. If the tortoise spends too much time planning each step, the hare wins.

This a very inspiring outlook on how to live our life….will for sure improve your perspective of life. I took many lessons from this article. Above takeaway is more related to our day to day operations.


May his soul rest in peace.

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Being Good & Hard Work!

There are no substitutes for Being Good & Hard Work!

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Problems that are not born yet!

Never ever try to solve a problem that is not born yet. Worrying about such unborn problem steels your mental peace!

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