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The Baddest Habit Of Humans?

The baddest habit of Humans is losing their innate nature of PEACE.

We very often run away from our PEACE using the fastest vehicle called “Mind”.

And this fastest vehicle is fueled by our petty “Ego”.


When our Ego is gone, the Mind settles, then all that remains is PEACE – Our True Self.

Om Peace Peace Peace!

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Ego, what will it do?

Ego defeats the Purpose. Once your purpose is lost, all your energies put on it are lost…..Ego is the most dangerous aspect in the human realm.

Whatever you do, if your work gets infected with Ego all your efforts till that point go wasted.

Never ever get into the state of Ego, as soon as you realize you are entering into it, just take a break and come out of the situation that caused it. Most important thing is you will have very few seconds between your realization of ego and line of control.

Have Let it go or take it easy! kind of attitude while dealing with Ego. Beware of Ego…..

Its ok if you don’t get what you expect.

Its ok if you are insulted.

Its ok if your work is ridiculed. Etc. Etc. Etc……

‘I’ is the root cause for Ego. Whatever may happen never give in to Ego. Stick to your duty (purpose) not to ‘I’.

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Dealing with others!?? Know these Three things.

First thing you need to know about other person is “He thinks great of himself”.

Second thing you need to know about him is “He never thinks of your greatness”.

Third thing you need to know is “Your relation grows strong when you let go off your ego”. Note that I said ‘ego’ not ‘self respect’.

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Battle of Egos…..

You have two options in fighting against human egos. One is fighting against others ego, the second is fighting against yours. Choose wisely…….

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