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Rules, Principles, & Duties in Decision Making!

Use rules and principles as guides, but decide based on ‘what your duty is’. And always remember that your Duty takes precedence over both rules and principles. At a given time if two or more of your duties collide take up the duty which applies to a broader cause, and be ready to face the consequences of not taking the other duty(ies).


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Morals, Good men, Evil, History, and Guard

When morals decline, and good men do nothing, evil flourishes. The society unwilling to learn from past is doomed. We must never forget our history. We must never lower our guard. — from J. Edgar movie.

Yes this is exactly what is happening in India.

When morals decline – No doubt there is a great decline of morals in India.

Good men do nothing – A few good men are working on the issues of the system, rest are either very busy with their personal issues or feared of the leader’s power.

Evil flourishes – Evil already flourished and is growing strong day by day………

The society unwilling to learn from past is doomed. We must never forget our history – We consider that our history is great and is full of great people and we tell ourselves that those great leaders are born great and we can’t become great……..Strictly speaking there is no point of greatness here, we got to do our duty. We didn’t forgot our leaders but we forgot the fundamental ideas of those leaders. Freedom fighters sacrificed their personal lives when country is struggling under British rule. We didn’t learned anything from them……..we know Indian system is struggling today to do a good job, whatever the reason for the struggle be. We are not ready to sacrifice our personal life/goals to help our country to run well. And so, there is a strong possibility for “India is doomed”.

We must never lower our guard – Guard is something that protects us…..Constitution is what protecting us, and very few Indians understand, and take pride in that. Every one lost hope on the democracy, I heard several different sentences, several times which lower our constitution. It is something like a helplessness of people, they give-up and starts living with it. They don’t realize that constitution have given many ways to fight against the evil to improve the system. Only thing is we got to believe it and need to sacrifice some personal emotions.

Hope people of India start spending some of their personal time in improving our system either by creating awareness in the people or buy fighting for some changes in the system.

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