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Lets analyze “Happy New Year!”

First of all I wish you all a Happy New Year.

Recalling the new years in my life more than 90% of the wishes people exchange for New Year is “Happy New Year!”, and up to 5% of the wishes is “Have a Prosperous New Year!”. I never heard other wishes like have a “profitable new year”, “successful new year”, “healthy new year”, “sexy new year”, “knowledgeable new year”, “powerful new year”, etc., some of them sound odd.

The above behavior is more of a conventional or traditional wisdom that came from our fore-fathers or our internal urge. In both the cases we can see the importance given to “Happiness” than any other materialistic things. So, please do think about it and “Be Happy”.

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Money & Happiness!

From my life experiences — In a man’s life Money bought ‘unhappiness’ than ‘happiness’; It is also very important to note that, many times it bought ‘temporary happiness’.

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