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Doing By Knowing or Not Knowing?

There is no wrong in doing a required thing without having any knowledge about it even if it leads to a mistake. But there is a great wrong in not doing the required thing because you don’t know anything about it…..

Go ahead and start doing it, you will know many things about it soon…….

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Expecting too-much of you?

Don’t worry, expecting too-much teaches many things about you, most importantly you will know your real potential, and by the end of your work it raises a bit up for sure.

So stop doubting around, expect too-much of you and work very hard.

quoteBite: “We aim above the mark to hit the mark.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

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Follow your Instincts!

Follow your instincts……..if your instinct is wrong you learn and change our behavior, if it is right you win and will continue. If you bypass your instinct by any other reason then you remain ambiguous, and this develops stress………no learning no winning just pain…….

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School or Book, & World!!

No School or Book teaches tomorrow’s Great things…….but you can master them from outside World.

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